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May 19, 2020
    1. HeathDavisSpeed
      Chin up, bud. It happens to all of us eventually.
    2. Mousey
      It was the Heat and the Clippers, now its Chicago and Utah.
    3. HeathDavisSpeed
      The two would get added together - just like they do for the Crabs.

      However, i'd prefer people to stay on their "home" forum, but wouldn't necessarily be annoyed if they didn't - i.e. Speirs and Sultan Pepper signed for the Crabs.
    4. Slyza
      Would I count on their forum now, or still this one :p

      And yeah i'll let the owner know and see what he thinks
    5. HeathDavisSpeed
      Well, all I need from them is a way to keep track of Rugby Union Sim post counts only and then we may be able to get something going. They'd get their own private subforum on here which they can use as little or as much as they like, and seeing as all the matches are "Live Simmed" ( they can use this site as much or as little as they like. Assuming they have a way of tracking player activity.

      As Season 5 should be starting in approx. a month to six weeks, it's pretty good timing if they want to get involved.
    6. HeathDavisSpeed
      They wouldn't need to migrate here. How many guys over there would they have interested?

      Basically, how it'd work is that they would have a Rugby Union Sim Sub-forum on their site and they'd need some way of keeping track of the number of posts by each person for that sub-forum only. It must be possible, as Cribb manages it on here.

      Then they would compete in the same league as the 6 teams on CricSim - maybe give them two teams in the 2nd division to start off with as they will be well behind on the activity stakes.

      If they want to see how the Sim works, then they really need to see the match threads on here and the live sim when it's in action. Point them in my direction if they have questions.
    7. HeathDavisSpeed
      I doubt it. I certainly can't, anyway. And I'd suggest having a rugby sim like this is better than none at all?
    8. Slyza
      Would you be ableto link them to a Sunnis on their account and have their information go there instead of here? After the initial sign up?
    9. Slyza
      Okay let me find out what they say
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      Well, I've been looking to run some inter-forum Seasonal Rugby matches, so if those guys sign up over here, I would be willing to treat them like the CW Crabs - i.e. they have their own subforum for their rugby team, matches get linked to on their forum and post counts from both sites count towards their abilities. It worked pretty well for CricketWeb.
    11. HeathDavisSpeed
      Tell them to join up here, of course.
    12. HeathDavisSpeed
      From scratch. Eds had put some data together which helped start it, but the sim itself was built from scratch.
    13. Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler
      Good luck bro
    14. Dirk Diggler
    15. Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler
      A mod already?
    16. Dirk Diggler
      Dirk Diggler
      Blacky? Haha not much yourself?
    17. Mousey
      He made it.
    18. HeathDavisSpeed
      There's a new topic button in the top left, I think
    19. abyrulesdforum
      yeah.. truly.. i always wished to participate in soccer sim, though didn't had this running in another forum i am in.. so particularly i like this tournament here. Wish more people were active in it
    20. abyrulesdforum
      aaah.. that's fine
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