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P Orr, from Canberra, Australia

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    1. Maroon_Faithful
      Indeed. QLD teams and largely our players haven't done their best this year. I actually think this is a bit of a secret weapon for us. I think a lot of the boys, obviously not Inglis and the Souths players, but the Cowboys players, and even the Storm contingent must be pretty hungry for success. It's a counter-weight to complacency in other words.
    2. Jabba
      Hey padster. Keen to remain a teagle if rlsim gets back ip and going? Have a look in the eagles subbie lets get some discussion going
    3. Boobidy
      Next Broncos coach.
    4. HeathDavisSpeed
    5. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate. Would you be interested in participating in the latest draft in the Spartans subbie. I reckon it'd float your boat.
    6. Skippos
      You wouldn't be interested in signing up for the basketball sim, would you?
    7. Boobidy
      I laughed pretty hard hahaa
    8. Maroon_Faithful
      Sorry for the belated response dude. They're miles from their best IMO. I think their play over the last two weeks is better but that's mainly because of how bad they were in the first three weeks. The defence just never seems to get fixed in the off-season. It's as bad as it was 3 years ago. And I'm losing patience with Henry.
    9. Maroon_Faithful
      Yeah that's what it's showing now but it wasn't before. Very weird.
    10. Maroon_Faithful
    11. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate. New Seasonal Rugby season starts soon. Have you signed your Spartans contract yet?
    12. Maroon_Faithful
    13. Fiery
      There is a game here in Denmark, handball, where your nerves get shredded. All their Olympic games went down to the wire and it's hard on the heart lol. When the All Blacks are involved in close games a cardiac arrest is on the cards. That WC final....FMD!
    14. Maroon_Faithful
      They'll be thereabouts. They're definitely top 8 material, perhaps even top 4 (I mean they're better than Souths ffs, who finished third). Just depends how they fare through the Origin period and if they go through the usual 5 game slump at some point.
    15. Maroon_Faithful
      Payne's retirement is a positive. Cunt was phoning it in for years. Unfortunately Segeyaro, who was to be Payne's replacement, is a huge loss. Why they let him go, knowing that Payne was not long for the NRL, I have nfi. Mitchell is serviceable, and underrated IMO, but he's no Steve Walters. So acting half is a concern for mine.

      Tariq Sims is, as anyone can see, a weapon with enormous potential. If he stays fit this time, and has built up motivation in his layoff, he and Thurston could have all sorts of fun on the fringes. I'll be surprised if he isn't in the NSW side at some point in 2013.

      But the facts I've been pointing out for years remain. They have to tackle better, and they have to learn how to win away from home, especially in Sydney. You can't win a comp if you aren't doing at least one but preferably both of these on a consistent basis.
    16. Fiery
      Yeah there was a bit of a hangover. It's about -10 degrees here now which doesn't help lol. And then to have the All Blacks lose so badly to England :fp:
    17. Fiery
      Thanks man. Yeah it was a great holiday. Wish it was longer :(
    18. Maroon_Faithful
    19. Maroon_Faithful
      I don't doubt it. I used to see it quite commonly on Rleague where there were and still are, afaik, a number of Stampede forum members. I've had the worst sort of club apologetics you can imagine. The guy drops the ball 4 times and costs the side the win against Parramatta with 2 minutes to go, and the media says he played great and the Cowboys fans agree, and of course attack those who say otherwise. It's like being in the twilight zone.
    20. TBra
      Haha cheers, thought you were convinced I had died in a car crash ;)
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