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P Orr, from Canberra, Australia

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Sep 29, 2023
    1. Fiery
      lol. I can understand that. I hate the BCCI and some of the players are pretty arrogant and spoilt brats. Bring it on!
    2. Fiery
      Cheers dude. My heart rate went through the roof tbh. Look forward to the 2nd semi now to see who we'll play. That should be epic too. Not sure who I want to win more tbh.
    3. Fiery
      Well nice of you to be contrite about it on behalf of them lol. I am just trolling most of the time because it's fun to get a rise out of people. Immature I know, but it keeps me young :)
    4. Fiery
      Home game. You have to have a win at home soon...surely!
    5. Fiery
      Yeah but it's early days in the season mate. They might turn it around. When you've got guys like Thurston in the team. Rate Taumalolo too. Look forward to them playing the Warriors! ;)
    6. Fiery
      I wasn't offended by what you posted mate. You are quite correct. I probably shouldn't respond to trolling anywhere near as much as I do tbh
    7. Fiery
      Yeah he takes some absolute screamers alright mate. Very limber and athletic with terrific reflexes. Bowls alright too!
    8. Fiery
      Cheers mate. That felt good ;)
    9. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate - you can sign for the Immortals in Seasonal Rugby whenever you're ready if you're still keen to join us.
      1. Paddy likes this.
    10. Maroon_Faithful
      Yeah. He'd probably give all 3 of his Dally M's back to win another premiership.
    11. Maroon_Faithful
      Yeah. Still can't believe that game. It was crazy. The non-call on SKD is the major one I think cost them. But on the other hand, you can't allow the opposition a 30 point lead and then put the blame on the refs. They still have a lot to work on but I think Green did a great job first up.

      Playing without Sims and Tate definitely hurt. And obviously they won't be coming back. But Coote will be there, along with Granville. And Taumalolo looks like an absolute machine. 2015 looks very promising if they can build on what they did this year.
    12. Maroon_Faithful
      If there was ever a time to catch the reigning premiers, it's now. If Friend is out, we're a huge chance of winning this. And we're not a bad shout even if he does play. They'll be very fired up for this though after losing to the Panthers.
    13. GYR
      Yeah man it'll be tough I've lost a bit of confidence in them. If we lose JWH you guys will have a much bigger pack.
    14. jazman84
      Carn the Broncs!
      It's kinda a win/kinda win; for me at least cause Cows are my 2nd team. If Broncs don't make it to the 2nd week then I'm content it's to make way for them.
    15. Maroon_Faithful
      Well that was fucking embarrassing. Hopefully though it puts a rocket up their arses for next week.
    16. Maroon_Faithful
    17. Maroon_Faithful
      Yeah they look a lot better. I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch but we're priming just at the right time of the season. Things all seem to be coming together. JT playing out of his skin always helps too. He was mercurial against the comp favourites.
    18. Maroon_Faithful
      Indeed. Did not see it coming. I thought we'd win but not like that. Top 4 here we come :p
    19. Maroon_Faithful
      Haha. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing mate.
    20. Maroon_Faithful
      Old Dessie's always good for a whinge when his team loses. The officiating was absurdly favoured towards the Dogs, especially in the ruck. His team got away with murder. We got the 2 points though :p
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