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IA Ryabovol

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Jun 29, 2019
    1. Jabba
      Yeah probably.
    2. Mousey
      2.5M iirc

      Yep, team option. For 12M iirc. I'm not on to check.
    3. Mousey
      Full stat line or just points, rebs, assists?
    4. Mousey
      Will do so now (Oct/Nov complete)
    5. brettman135
      What do you want for waiters?
    6. Mousey
      Not in 2K at all apparently. :(

      I'd create him but I've already put a couple of hours into trading picks, updating game plans etc.
    7. Mousey
      Hey man, no Dellavedova on the 2K rosters. How do you want me to do this?
    8. Mousey
      Dunno, I edited the rosters instead of trading. I haven't started the association yet.

      I should though, Phoenix has cap room.
    9. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hmmm. I can see why you'd want him on your team :p

      Not really sure if I'd count him as a celebrity though - plus, I'd hold back on publishing your team if you're going to select him as I found out much to my chagrin this year that other players were more than willing to poach my well thought out picks when I published my team before the deadline. Seems like a good pick, so I'd keep it under your hat for now.

      In the meantime, I'll think about whether he's famous enough by asking some internet aficionados I know. Not my bag at all, so I would never have heard of him even if he was you tube's answer to Don Bradman.
    10. Eds
      Haha. Find me a player you want.
    11. Eds
      Trade me Waiters.
    12. Mousey
    13. Mousey
      I'd be happy to hand over my 2nd - which should be around 35 I'd say. I should have multiple firsts anyway.

      I have a large expiring in Okafor - but I think that might have more value at the deadline.

    14. Mousey
      What do you want for Alonzo Gee?
    15. Hunter
    16. Magrat Garlick
      Magrat Garlick
      Bonn :) Used to be the capital. They have a basketball team that will play Bamberg. :p

      Am renting a place, probably not the best option to step into the property market if I'm not sure whether I'll stay in the city. Add in the currency risk and the legal mess of owning something and it's probably not worth the effort quite yet.

      Yup, good amount of forms and they need to be handed in with ID cards and/or personal appearance. The city keeps a record of all residents and when I moved I needed to confirm it with a personal appearance at the town hall within a week, fun.
      At work it's not really that bad though, mainly interpreting what other people are sending to us and trying to design logical forms so we get nice and easy input. :p

      The speed test says 27 Mbps. Been streaming stuff without much lag, which is the main thing for the moment. Got lucky cos my suburb has a very shitty telephone cable, and the TV cable in the house is old, so am relying on the cellphone network (LTE).
    17. Magrat Garlick
      Magrat Garlick
      Not bad, settling in well at work (even though the strangling of clients bit sounds familiar at times), and found a nice flat a couple weeks ago. Still getting used to filling out forms for everything though, Germans love their bureaucracy.

      Also got the fast internet sorted, so have most things required for the good life :p
    18. Magrat Garlick
      Magrat Garlick
      How's things mate?
    19. BoshtrichBurger
    20. BoshtrichBurger
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