Wilsontown Eagles

Discussion in 'Offseason Club Cricket' started by 99*, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    WilsonTown.[eXe]. IMO
  2. Wilson SB Wilson

    Just doin what the Kiwi's did last year in the WC. Just making em think we're shit.
  3. Guest MR Hayes

    Creating a false sense of security for the other teams
  4. Guest MR Hayes

    64 and 53 about time I did well :P
  5. Owen OT Farrell

    Nice one sugartits.
  6. Wilson SB Wilson

    Yep we're shit.
  7. Howsie DP Howell

    Doesn't look good does it.
  8. Baxter MJ Deane

    You let me make 92 against you, you're shit.
  9. Wilson SB Wilson

    About as attractive as genital warts.
  10. Owen OT Farrell

    Doing a logo.
  11. Old Mate M Perry

    Should incorporate the 'Screaming Eagle'. Ie a woman gives to handys and a gobby at the same time but moves her hands and head in a way that looks like a retarded bird.
  12. Owen OT Farrell

    Mannn, Looked every where for a picture of this but no dice.

    So I settled with this.


    yay or nay?
  13. the_killerz S Bakkum

  14. LukeTyson L Tyson

    Deadset dominating.
  15. Wilson SB Wilson

  16. Marto RK Fittaman

    <table id="entries"><tbody><tr><td class="index">1. </td> <td class="word"> screaming eagle </td> <td class="tools" id="tools_788184"> 143 up, 36 down [​IMG] [​IMG] </td> </tr> <tr> <td>
    </td> <td class="text" colspan="2" id="entry_788184"> buy screaming eagle mugs, tshirts and hoodies
    A sexual manouevre involving 5 guys and 1 girl. All holes and hands filled.
  17. LukeTyson L Tyson

    They forgot her ears.
  18. Baxter MJ Deane

  19. Baxter MJ Deane

    Messy tstl.
  20. LukeTyson L Tyson

    Worth it though.

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