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    Ok, ive decided to do only a small draft this time round, so i have picked who i think to be Star Players, you get to pick 5 of these in a random draft, each round will be different so everyone can get a fair crack at it.

    As for the rest of the team, When you sign up, You tell me 2 simple things.

    Team Name:
    Team Number: Relates to the teams in the divisions, There are 2 divisions and the top 4 in each contend the end of season playoffs.

    Now the team you pick will have an automated 21 players, you will be able to make transfers so if your not happy you can change them. The only players Eligiable for this are ones who have played 1st Grade matches in both the NRL and Super League, so they will be of decent quality and not just strange russians.

    Also after the draft there will be a chance for you to play in your team, ill ask for certain things and then you can play with your stars through the league season, like the others SIMS on the site.

    You will get your 21 players pre-set by the team number you pick, and the teams have already been selected im just waiting for the coaches.

    Your Five star picks will also be mostly determind by which positions are free in that team, this makes sure people cant get all the best ones and makes you think about your picks abit more
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