The League and Cup Competitions

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    The league season will consist of 12 games.

    You will play all 7 other teams in the legaue once.

    There will also be one rivalry round where all the games are held in one stadium over a two day period and all the matches will be rivalries.
    This will accour the week before the split of the league. So Pretty Much mid-season.

    Then the league will split in two and the top 4 will play the bottom 4 again

    Then there will be two play offs. One for the bottom 4 and one for the top 4.

    The top 4 will play to be the league winners.

    The bottom 4 will play to compete in the Top 10 Cup.

    The Winner of Division 2 will be promoted

    The worst team in the Division 1 Bottom 8 Play-offs will be relegated

    The Play Off Format
    All the Play offs will be held in group stages and then the top 2 progress to the final while the other two teams fight it out for 3rd and 4th.

    Cup Formats
    The Challenge Cup
    The Challenge Cup will be a Knockout competition with a Draw every round. This will have all 16 teams involved.

    The Champions Trophy
    There will also be at the end of the season the Champions Trophy
    This will consist of 4 teams (Challenge Cup winners, Division 2 Winners, Division 1 winners and Top 10 Cup winners)
    In the case that the same team wins all of them or two of them, it will always go to the 2nd place team and so on.
    The Champions Trophy will be played in a group format with everyone playing once and the top two teams will progress to the final.
    There will be a draw each round.

    The Top 10 Cup
    The Top 10 Cup will Consist of the top 4 teams from division 1 and 2 plus the two play off winners from the bottom half of the tables.
    The Top 10 Cup will start as two groups and then the top 2 from each group progess to the semi finals.
    There will be a draw each round.

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