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    Just a quick one about submitting lineups.

    - You must name a sub, please explicitly state who it is or else I'll assume it's the 4th bench midfielder. It'd be nice if you specified when you want the sub injected and for who (can be flexible/conditional though)
    - It's advisable (but not mandatory) to have at least two key forwards and backs and somebody to ruck relieve
    - If you name three ruck options (i.e. Hampson/Vickery/Griffiths) I'll run with the two I think are best suited unless otherwise stated
    - You must designate one defender, one midfielder and one forward amongst your 3 interchange players
    - If you want a loose man in defence you have two options - run a 6 defender set and have one of the defenders play very loose off their opponent and zone off when possible. It'd allow you to have numbers everywhere else but risks said opponent getting off the chain. Or play a 7 defender set. If the designated loose man is named to start in defence you will need to specify which player in the 18 moves into defence to take who would be the loose man's opponent.

    Regarding tactics, feel free to insert any tactics you want me to apply and if possible, I'll try and do that. Whether it is something like make sure 'crowley starts off tagging pendlebury and if it doesn't work/someone else gets out of hand move him' or 'McPharlin to man up on Franklin unless another one gets loose' or 'Use Goodes/Rioli through the middle or move Hurley forward if in need of a spark or x-factor.'

    If you wish to employ a tagger please specify which player will be tagged. If you wish to put defenders on certain forwards specify which defender goes to which forward, ditto forward tagging - name the tagger and the player being forward tagged. I will not acknowledge 'Crowley to tag #1 mid' or 'Talia to take most dangerous key forward' orders. If you name your side first and the player you're targeting for the defensive role doesn't end up playing I will try and apply and adapt your wishes as best possible - that's the only time I'll give some leeway. If you do not specify which defenders go where your fullback will take their full forward, chb their chf and tallest back pocket their third tall. No exceptions.

    With tactics I can apply most tactics relevant to one player. I can't do 'team tactics' i.e. play through the centre or something but I can do things about player roles/tagging/play loose/sit behind play etc.

    If you don't want to put any tactics in I'll just manage the team in a generic way that seems to work (rotate players based on shitness/fatigue, move players positions if they're being dominated/they need to move onto someone to curtail them/they need a rest, have most small defenders on tight duties with one or two set to moderate tightness to rebound, with all key defenders on full tightness) as it's easier.
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