Southern Highlanders

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  1. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    [MENTION=2302]Rocks[/MENTION] this your team page, post anything you want in here
  2. Rocks DN Boland

    1.Valentine Holmes
    2. Ryan Hall
    3. Josh Dugan
    4. Cameron Munster
    5. Joe Burgess
    6. Michael Morgan
    7. Danny Brough
    8. Matt Scott
    9. James Roby (c)
    10. David Klemmer
    11. Ethan Lowe
    12. Mitchell Aubusson
    13. Nate Myles

    14. Moses Mbye
    15. Tim Browne
    16. Dale Finucane
    17. Sam McKendry

    19. Mose Masoe
    20. Thomas Leuluai
    21. David Fusitu'a
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  3. Rocks DN Boland

    [MENTION=4944]Mariner[/MENTION] please let me know if my SL picks are spuds. I have watched a fair bit of it but am no means an expert :p
  4. Zakaron SDR Laing

    We can pick SL players?
  5. Rocks DN Boland


  6. cloughie09 TJ Clough

    You picking great super league players so far, I think you have as many as me at the moment lol
  7. Mariner CL Warrington

    Nah, no dud picks yet haha
  8. Rocks DN Boland

    Team Logo


    Blatantly stolen from google images.

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