Semi-Live Provincial Cup RD2: NZ Vs. GB @ IHS Stadium

Discussion in 'Season 1' started by Flack, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. CCG C Golding

    Laugh at me all you want, we won. I'm a defender ****nut, I'm not meant to score all the time. Chances are I'm a better player than you too...i hope
  2. the_killerz S Bakkum

    BUgger NZ.
  3. Zakaron SDR Laing

    The captain wins the game for us nice.
  4. Sik_Slogga SLO Graham

    Yessssssss Deane!!!!
    Tense stuff but we came up with the goods where it mattered ;)

    Distinct lack of Graham tstl.
  5. Baxter MJ Deane

  6. Sik_Slogga SLO Graham

    Seriously, how the **** are you so beast at this sim ahaha??
  7. Eds E Ames

    As far as I'm aware I haven't named a captain.
  8. Zakaron SDR Laing

    I was looking at the C next to his name tbh.
  9. Eddie EI Morris

    Me and you are just so gun :p

    Yep Thanks for that ;)

    Yep once again

    For the 2 comments above, Morris (c) :p

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