Season 1 Pre Season Super Mega Match Thread

Discussion in 'CPL AFL Matches' started by Skippos, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Skippos SM Morgan

  2. Skippos SM Morgan

    Gonna spend tomorrow working on some of the bugs that have arisen recently IMO.

    For some reason elite midfielders or at least some of them are inconsistent as fuck. Pendlebury along with Ablett is 96 overall yet cannot produce the consistency I'd expect of a fringe player while blokes like hodge and swan run riot.

    My team on paper is pretty good but it's got a few holes; no real tagger, probably lacking a genuine 2nd shut down defender as rance is attack first and definitely lacking a genuine elite kpf but then again most teams have holes. Yet my team seems able to cover the holes way too easily whereas others don't get away with it. Going to have to see and have a look at why my team is overperforming. At a guess it's because my 14-22nd players are probably the strongest around thanks to nailing blokes like Wright/Ball/RHenderson/Mitchell/Rory Thompson/Reilly/MacRae with picks outside the top 20 who've gone on and broken out since the draft who are definitely best 22 standard but it still shouldn't be so OP.

    I do think I was very lucky with some of my late picks though, that's certainly helping. I'll look and see if anyone is overrated on my team but the only players in the pre season who've genuinely overperformed for me are perhaps Daniher (and I've checked him out) and Reilly (shuts down his opponent every game). I think Thompson might be a little OP as a KPD though as he's getting a goal kicked on him tops every game.

    Happy for anyone to have a look through the stats and pick out any overperformers though as I haven't looked like getting beaten which is a) unrealistic and b) shit for the comp and c) i don't like it as no matter how i drafted it makes me look biased.
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  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    Just noticed Ricky Henderson's game. Seems to have been underpowered when on the back flank or at least not as good but now on the forward flank he's ridiculous. Shouldn't be happening (as he's a far better back for one). 27 kicks/2 handballs in 3 qtrs of footy inc. 21 inside 50s is just ludicrous. That one is just too much. ridiculous.

    Now I've got to decide whether I'm realistic and run a 'pre season injury update' or whether I just let it slide to round 1 <_<
  4. MASTERS S Masters

    Skip, would you like a tagger ?
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    Wouldn't go astray but they'd need to be a good one as I'd be dropping someone like Luke Ball or Jackson MacRae for him.

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