Season 1 Pre Season Super Mega Match Thread

Discussion in 'CPL AFL Matches' started by Skippos, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. brettman135 BR Hall

    Shattered to win, would have made for better trolling.
  2. brettman135 BR Hall

    Just go in unchanged. Tested all i've wanted to in the other games.
  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    for both games? no worries.
  4. brettman135 BR Hall

    Yeah all good, just keen to get these over and done with.
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    Yeah, same. It's drawn on too long but I needed the games in order to fix any errors in the db before the real thing starts.
  6. Skippos SM Morgan

    and it was the best way of deciding divisions itbt
  7. brettman135 BR Hall

    Yeah no doubt it was required to suss out the bugs. Has worked out fairly well in the end.
  8. Mousey AJ Son

    Boo-urns :(
  9. Skippos SM Morgan


    Closer than it should have been.
  10. Skippos SM Morgan

  11. Skippos SM Morgan

  12. Skippos SM Morgan

    Dawes and Simpson OP. Simpson's meant to be a ruck who does a bit of tackling and tapping and not much else too. Not sure how that one happened.
  13. brettman135 BR Hall

    Basically confirms you raped that trade.
  14. Skippos SM Morgan

    Nah, it shouldn't have happened. He shouldn't have near the ability rack up touches or take uncontested marks or get clearances as most rucks so I don't know what happened. I'm putting it down as an outlier in my notes and if things like that keep happening I'll need to take another look at it. McEvoy's been dominating heaps too and I don't know why. Leuenberger had a pretty OP game once or twice and there's Sinclar too but I think they've been the only examples.
  15. brettman135 BR Hall

    Even Tom Jonas racking up 27 touches isn't right.
  16. Skippos SM Morgan

    I think it's a fault in the fatigue system. Because Simpson's ability is set to 'doesn't cover much ground' which equates to 'rest' in game, he doesn't get as tired as he's not working hard but he's still around the ball anyway due to being a ruck so when he's around the ball he's not tired as he hasn't been running around thanks to his ability. And as he's not tired he's in better shape to get the ball.

    I think. It seems that all the rucks who are underperforming are 'normal' and those who are overperforming are 'doesn't cover much ground'
  17. Skippos SM Morgan

    Just seen Jonas too actually. That one I missed as I wasn't even looking for it. That one baffles me as he was on Sinclair all day on 100% lockdown duties.

    he's 32/100 for crumbs and 22/100 for clearance which is near as low as it gets (only ones who are around there are like the Nathan Brown/Ben Rutten/Zac Dawson's of the world) too so I don't know why. He's not got a high disposal rating nor is he good athletically, the only skills he has above 68 are Ground defense and 1 on 1 defense.

    Only thing that it might be is that because he was playing on Sinclair, he was playing as a key position when he's not normally a key back. As we've seen, key backs are prone to having 25-30 possession games every so often (while small backs locking down on small forwards don't) and because he was playing 'key' that game he was prone to the same bug that key backs are prone to. I've seen blokes like Nathan Brown have 30 disposal games despite being really low for crumbs/clearance so it's definitely a bug.

    We'll see next game though, he's the 4th tall in the side so he won't be playing key, we'll see if he racks it up there if so it's a bug and I don't know how to fix it as it quite simply shouldn't be happening.
  18. Skippos SM Morgan

    Think dawson simpson's strength rating was a little high. Perhaps that was the root of the problem. I'll run a few tests to see after the pre-season.
  19. Skippos SM Morgan

  20. Skippos SM Morgan

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