Season 1 Pools and Fixture

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Used the pre-season to decide the pools. At worst it won't be any less fair than a random allocation and at best it gives 2 even pools.

    Top 4
    1. Skippos (W)
    2. Brett (RU)
    3. Mousey (3rd)
    4. Nino (4th)
    Losers R4
    5. Jimmy (+38)
    6. Bots (-23)
    Losers R3
    7. Theo (+46)
    8. Bosh (-53)
    Losers R2 (Won R1)
    9. Hen (-51)
    10. Heath (-82)
    Losers R2 (Lost R1)
    11. KATA (+3)
    12. Harps (-10)
    Losers R1
    13. Morgie (-10)
    14. Paul (-43)
    15. Masters (-48) 
    16. Diggler (-88)
    Pool A (1,4,5,8,9,12,13,16)
    Pool B (2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15)


    Pool A:

    Round 1
    Skippos v Diggler
    Nino v Morgie
    Jimmy v Harps
    Bosh v Hen
    Round 2
    Diggler v Hen
    Harps v Bosh
    Morgie v Jimmy
    Skippos v Nino
    Round 3
    Nino v Diggler
    Jimmy v Skippos
    Bosh v Morgie
    Hen v Harps
    Round 4
    Diggler v Harps
    Morgie v Hen
    Skippos v Bosh
    Nino v Jimmy
    Round 5
    Jimmy v Diggler
    Bosh v Nino
    Hen v Skippos
    Harps v Morgie
    Round 6
    Diggler v Morgie
    Skippos v Harps
    Nino v Hen
    Jimmy v Bosh
    Round 7
    Bosh v Diggler
    Hen v Jimmy
    Harps v Nino
    Morgie v Skippos
    Pool B

    Round 1
    Brett v Masters
    Mousey v Paul
    Bots v KATA
    Theo v Heath
    Round 2
    Masters v Heath
    KATA v Theo
    Paul v Bots
    Brett v Mousey
    Round 3
    Mousey v Masters
    Bots v Brett
    Theo v Paul
    Heath v KATA
    Round 4
    Masters v KATA
    Paul v Heath
    Brett v Theo
    Mousey v Bots
    Round 5
    Bots v Masters
    Theo v Mousey
    Heath v Brett
    KATA v Paul
    Round 6
    Masters v Paul
    Brett v KATA
    Mousey v Heath
    Bots v Theo
    Round 7
    Theo v Masters
    Heath v Bots
    KATA v Mousey
    Paul v Brett

    Finals: Top Half
    Match 1: #1 Pool A v #2 Pool B
    Match 2: #1 Pool B v #2 Pool A
    Match 3: #3 Pool A v #4 Pool B
    Match 4: #3 Pool B v #4 Pool A
    Match 5: Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 4 (7th/8th Playoff)
    Match 6: Loser Match 1 v Winner Match 3
    Match 7: Loser Match 2 v Winner Match 4
    Match 8: Loser Match 6 v Loser Match 7 (5th/6th Playoff)
    Match 9: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 6
    Match 10: Winner Match 2 v Winner Match 5
    Match 11: Loser Match 9 v Loser Match 10 (3rd/4th Playoff)
    Match 12: Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 (Grand Final)
    Finals: Bottom Half
    Match 1: #5 Pool A v #6 Pool B
    Match 2: #5 Pool B v #6 Pool A
    Match 3: #7 Pool A v #8 Pool B
    Match 4: #7 Pool B v #8 Pool A
    Match 5: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 (9/10th)
    Match 6: Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2 (11/12th)
    Match 7: Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 (13/14th)
    Match 8: Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 4 (15/16th)

    Match threads will go up as soon as I've got a matches subforum. Check injuries before naming rd 1 sides. Name them in the match threads, not the submission thread.
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  2. brettman135 BR Hall

    Pretty keen to see if I actually can score 100 points in a game this season. Getting by on my back 6 a bit.
  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    Scores are naturally a little lower in fffx - it was made about 10-12 years ago when scores irl were about 15-20% lower anyway so it reflects that. I could make the games 23-25 minute quarters which would restore them to about part scores but then we'd see stat counts a little out of whack. Perhaps 21/22 minutes might be a good compromise.

    But for your mob specifically I reckon Lisle needs to go for Crameri and perhaps Petrie playing closer to goal. Dunno really, your forward line is pretty good so you should be scoring more.
  4. brettman135 BR Hall

    Yeah i'm just trying to decide playing the 3 keys + Crameri or just use Sinclair and Petrie with Crameri.
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    Depends how good your smalls are, really. LT's contested grabbing makes him kind of like a 4th tall in some ways anyway. + one less tall allows a midfield rotation through the fwd line if needed (+ deboer can forward tag/play fwd anyway) and what's better than having Pendlebury pop up for a goal or two while he's meant to be resting.
  6. Skippos SM Morgan

    Week 1 Finals Fixture:

    Finals - all teams play off for minor positions though. If you lose an EF you'll have a 7/8th playoff etc.

    Qualifying Finals:
    Dereks (1) v STR8 OUTTA SPRINGVALE (4)
    Flying Porcupines (2) v Carvers (3)

    Elimination Finals:
    Native Tongues (5) v MILF Hunters (8)
    Cornhusslers (6) v Peptides (7)

    Bottom 8 Finals - tank and you die

    Qualifying Finals:
    Muppet Munchers (9) v Smooth Movers (11)
    Bearded Ninjas (10) v Mighty Heefs (12)

    Elimination Finals:
    CW Mullets (13) v Berserkers (15)
    Masterbaiters (14) v Chokers (16)
  7. Skippos SM Morgan

    For those who haven't seen their game SPOILERS!!!

    Finals Week 2 fixture:

    Semi Final 1: STR8 OUTTA SPRINGVALE v Peptides (winner plays Carvers)
    Semi Final 2: Flying Porcupines v Native Tongues (winner plays Dereks)
    7th/8th playoff: MILF Hunters v Cornhusslers

    (Optional): Bye week practice game between Carvers and Dereks. If Morgie wants a game I'm happy to have one as it'd allow me to make MVP votes from this round valid (as everyone would have played at least 9 games, if we don't it'd be 14 x 9 2 x 8 :p) and I'm keen to see how Hogan would go if I were to actually play him :p - injury free obv.

    Will get the bottom 8 fixture when Harps/Heef submit and I sim their games
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