Round 7 - Carvers v Dereks

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Check Injuries!

    Lineups ASAP.

    Provided I win or lose by less than 80 pts in my R6 game this match will decide the minor premier.
  2. morgieb MC Burridge

    Rd 1 Line-up

    B: Nick Smith - Dustin Fletcher - Jasper Pittard
    HB: Bryce Gibbs - Scott Thompson - Rhyce Shaw
    C: Steve Johnson - Jack Redden - Luke Parker
    HF: Brent Harvey - Jarrad Waite - Sam Dwyer
    F: Jarrad Grant - Jack Darling - Tom Campbell
    R: Will Minson - Andrew Carrazzo - Gary Ablett
    INT: Jesse Lonergan - Liam Anthony - Scott McMahon - Cameron Sutcliffe (sub)


    Nick Smith (returning from injury)


    Tom Murphy (injured)


    Tom Murphy (1 week)
    Dayne Zorko (1 week)
    Brad Crouch (1 week)
    Darren Glass (4 weeks)


    Sutcliffe on for worst peforming player at 3QT.
    Thompson on #1 key forward, Fletcher on #2 key. Smith on #1 small.
    Carrazzo on #1 midfielder, if someone else starts to dominate then switch to him.
    Rotate Harvey, Dwyer and Gibbs throughout the midfield.
    Give Johnson and Parker stints in the forward line if slightly fatigued.
  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    FB:	T. Jonas		R. Thompson		R. Henderson
    HB:	B. Reilly		A. Rance		H. Hartlett
    C:	J. MacRae		R. Sloane		B. Ebert
    HF:	T. Rockliff		J. Westhoff		D. Swallow
    FF:	T.T. Lynch		C. Dawes		J. Watts	
    R:	N. Naitanui		N. Fyfe			L. Neale
    IC:	L. Whitfield 	 	L. Ball			T. Mitchell	
    SUB:	C. Sylvia
    IN: L. Whitfield, C. Dawes, L. Neale, C. Sylvia
    OUT: M. Shaw, L. Henderson (Inj.), J. Daniher, M. Wright (Omit)

    L. Henderson
    M. Shaw

    J. Daniher
    R. Laird
    C. Sylvia
    A. Mullett
    M. Wright
    C. Dawes
    J. Hogan
    A. Siposs
    D. Simpson
    T. Hickey
    M. Grigg

    - Thompson to #1, Rance #2, Jonas to take resting ruck. If mismatch occurs move Henderson back
    - Reilly to 1st small, Shaw to take 2nd small.
    - Sub Wright in for one the weakest players which fits into the rotation
    - Mitchell, Rockliff and to a lesser extent Fyfe form a forward rotation
    - Rockliff to tag if need be.
    - Westhoff, Thompson and Daniher to form a ruck relief. Thompson to do it if he isn't needed down back/Henderson or Watts to cover, if he is then whichever of the Hoff and Daniher are doing worse fwd. Naitanui to ruck as much as possible though
    - If leaking/the match situation seems like it requires it move Watts into a loose man. If he struggles use Rance
    - Swallow/Hartlett to run loose.
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    CPL MVP:

    5 - Tom Rockliff: Was dominant, broke open the game from a flank
    4 - Andrew Carrazzo: Fyfe did fuck all and that was all on Carrots
    3 - Nic Naitanui: 16 touches, 2 goals and 34 hitouts
    2 - Jack Watts: Gets a mismatch every week and took advantage, 26 touches, 11 marks and 2.2
    1 - Gary Ablett: Was just really good all day
  10. morgieb MC Burridge

    Fark, close.

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