Round 5 - Muppet Munchers v Masterbaiters

Discussion in 'CPL AFL Matches' started by Skippos, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Skippos SM Morgan

  2. Jabba HJ Bots

    FB:    M Hibberd        B Lake	  	D Myers
    HB:    D Thomas   	T McDonald   	S Gilbert
    C:     S Sidebottom   	D Cross  	M Rosa
    HF:    L Breust   	L Franklin   	C Mayne
    FF:    A Goodes 	J Roughead	L Jetta
    R:     M Pyke		S Grigg    	J McVeigh
    Int:  	T Bugg	C Bird		M Lobbe
    Sub: C Smith

    When Bugg comes on shuffle Thomas back into midfield or forward lines
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  3. MASTERS S Masters

    FB*Matthew Watson - Michael Jamieson - Nick Vlastuin

    HB*Jake Batchelor - Alipate Carlile - Danyle Pearce

    C*Harley Bennell - Toby Greene - Jordie McKenzie

    HF*Allen Christensen - Jonathan Patton - Luke Dahlhaus

    FF*Billie Smedts - Patrick Ryder - Aaron Hall

    R*Brodie Grundy - Scott Thompson - Tendai Mzungu

    INT*Will Hoskin Elliott - Dom Barry - Jack Viney

    SUB* Tory Dickson

    IN:Christensen - Hoskin Elliott - Dickson
    OUT:Hocking (INJ) Bellchambers (INJ) - Goldsack (OMIT)

    Will Schofield - 1 week
    Josh Jenkins - 1 week
    Tom Bellchambers - 1 week
    Heath Hocking - 2 weeks

    Lachie Plowman
    Sam Docherty
    Taylor Hunt
    Jacob Townsend
    Robbie Tarrant
    Jared Petrenko
    Daniel Gorringe
    Sam Rowe
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  4. Skippos SM Morgan

    Bird's injured bots.
  5. Jabba HJ Bots

    Can you just put in my next best mid I really have no fricking idea who left can play mid
  6. Skippos SM Morgan


    Back to the status quo.

    When Ryder kicked 3 goals in 3 minutes to start the last qtr I was a little :/ but then realism kicked in
  7. Skippos SM Morgan

  8. Skippos SM Morgan

  9. Skippos SM Morgan

  10. Skippos SM Morgan

  11. Skippos SM Morgan

    CPL MVP:

    5 - Chris Mayne: 26 touches, 10 marks, 4 goals, 7 I50s - classy game
    4 - Matthew Rosa: Found space all day for 36 touches and 13 marks
    3 - Lance Franklin: Limited touches today but did everything with them for 5.2
    2 - Paddy Ryder: 25 touches, 3 goals and 10 hitouts. Good day at the office
    1 - Jarryd Roughead: 2.4 from 25 touches, nice game.
  12. Jabba HJ Bots

    Nice needed a good win here. Definitely seems we either will kick a bucketfull or struggle
  13. Skippos SM Morgan

    Yeah you're very much a matchup oriented team. Probably about the 5th best team but could lose to last if it wasn't a good matchup like you could beat first
  14. MASTERS S Masters

    damn, Ryder has been better then i thought he would be , also scoring a bit more since i got him as well
  15. MASTERS S Masters

    crap, cant believe i forgot to play Townsend, would not have changed the result, but still

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