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  2. Droos JP Rhodes

    Best name, you win!
  3. Jabba HJ Bots

    Hows my team looking? Need a sprinter, leadout and GC but the latter might have to be someone I already have.
  4. Skippos SM Morgan

    If Martin and Fuglsang are allrounders then Talansky is too. Talansky's definitely better against the clock than those two so I wouldn't label him a climber solely.

    Scarponi's a little inconsistent (he's 'good' more often than most but 'great' very rarely) but I guess he could be your GC contender at the Giro. Martin certainly will be a GC contender with time, just needs to get some longevity in his legs and Talansky's already a notable GC competitor, alike to Fuglsang, but not a challenger yet. Between those three I'm sure one will emerge over the next year as a genuine contender.

    There are only 1-3 GC contenders left IMO and even then they're probably not much better than what you've already got and older.

    If Schleck could time trial he'd be a decent contender too, I'd say. You've got a good support team, so really that could turn an outside chance contender into a good shot.

    I'd certainly look into sprinters with your next pick. Wouldn't worry about leadouts, you're gonna need two sprinters to cover the season minimum so pick them and then worry about leadouts; you can just use good sprinters as leadouts anyway if you want, generally the good leadout men are just blokes too slow to be genuine sprinters. The 'a class' of sprinters have all been taken but I reckon within a round or two the 'b class' will begin to go.
  5. Jabba HJ Bots

    Cool thanks for the write up, I know all the A sprinters are gone that's why I didnt bother taking one with those 2 picks.

    How good is vockler now? I remember watching him in his peak 2008-2010 ish

    Also is it 9 members for the big races?
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  6. Skippos SM Morgan

    Yep, we'll be drafting +30 though.

    I'll just let everyone set a training plan and the CPU will do the rest for you; very little hands on management in this CPL unfortunately though.

    Voeckler had a really good 2011 TDF, finished 4th. In 2012 he looked injured and gone for the first week then all of a sudden came out and blasted open the tour in the second week, won two stages and the KOTM (still finished low down overall due to his first week) and this year he was just abysmal.

    He's getting old, but he's still a good rider.
  7. Skippos SM Morgan

    I wouldn't really call him a climber, either.

    Like he has good GC results but they're often due to him being in successful breakaways. He's pretty much a breakaway specialist who can climb. Essentially Chavanel except worse acceleration/against the clock and a better climber. If he gets into a good position on GC he's able to mentally fight to keep it but that's more a reflection on his mind than his climbing ability.
  8. Jabba HJ Bots

    Yeah I was actually just going to ask this. Just remember him being a good climber but he often looks to put the heat on up the climbs rather then supporting the GC or whatever.

    Should be good balance then between him and Chavanel to not be left out of many breaks on the tours. Will be crucial to be in them considering our lack of a pure GC

    How is my team looking for TTs or are they pretty irrelevant to be worrying about just yet.
  9. Skippos SM Morgan

    Chavanel and Talansky are excellent time triallists.

    Martin/Fuglsang/Scarponi (in that order) are alright at them on their day

    Voeckler and Schleck are absolute liabilities.
  10. Jabba HJ Bots

    GC: 0
    Potential GC: 3 (Martin, Fuglsang, Talansky)
    Sprinters / Lead Out: 4 (Rojas, Henderson, Ciolek, Farrar)
    Allrounders: 2 (Gallopin, Hushovd)
    Climbers: 2 (Scarponi,Schleck)
    Puncheurs: 2 (Visconti,Bardet)
    Breakaway Specialists: 2 (Chavanel, Voeckler)

    Happy with my team so far, probably gonna need to pick up climbers/cobble riders with my next bundle of picks
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