Making A Murderer [WARNING: SPOILERS]

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    What's her Twitter ?
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    Having her car crushed in his yard is no different to having it intact. You can't just chuck a crushed car in the garbage, and you can still recognise what kind of car it is. You also have to remember he is an idiot. He definitely thought he could sell the parts on it for $$$ later so he parked it out of sight, then when he heard the cops were doing aerial searches he put those branches over it.

    I'm still convinced he did it, the police were told during the investigation they mightn't have enough evidence to nail him, so they made sure they did so he couldn't get away with it.
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    I think some people are somewhat missing the point of this too.

    It's less about whether Avery is guilty and more about how fucked the system is over there imo.
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