How your substitutes will work (tactics)

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  1. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    The easiest way for this to work is to list your subsitutions when naming your team. Your team is listed as follows:

    2 (wing 1)
    3 (centre 1)
    4 (centre 2)
    5 (wing 2)
    8 (Prop 1)
    10 (Prop 2)
    11 (Second Row 1)
    12 ( Second Row 2)

    14 A-utility
    15 B-prop
    16 C-prop
    17 D-back rower

    Substitutions will be listed in 5 minute intervals eg.

    15th minute- Player 'C' replaces Prop 1
    30th minute- Player 'B' replaces Prop 2, Player 'D' replaces second row 1

    55th minute- Prop 2 replaces player 'C', player 'A' replaces hooker
    60th minute- Prop 1 replaces player 'B', Second row 1 replaces second rower 2


    to make it less time consuming, it'd be handy if everyone could try and group there interchanges together.

    Underneath your substitutions list also you'll also have what you want done in case of injury, eg.

    Forwards- bench forward goes on
    Halves- starting hooker moves into halves, bench utility goes to hooker
    Backs- back rower moves to centre, centre covers wing/fullback (with backrower being centre)

    Please try not to get too over the top with it all. Obviously if there is an injury in a match it'll throw off your interchange, so we'll try and work out the kinks as we go.
  2. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    A working example would be:
    1 - Michael Gordon (gk)
    2 - Lote Tuqiri
    3 - Blake Ayshford
    4 - Richard Whiting
    5 - Josh Morris
    6 - Benji Marshall
    7 - Kurt Gidley
    8 - Jason Ryles
    9 - Shaun Lunt
    10 - Eorl Crabtree
    11 - Joel Thompson
    12 - Luke Lewis
    13 - Glenn Morrison

    14- Sean Long
    15- Luke Bailey
    16- Richie Fa'oso
    17- Louis Anderson

    20th Minute- Luke Bailey replaces Jason Ryles
    30th Minute- Richie Fa'oso replaces Eorl Crabtree, Anderson replaces Lewis

    55th Minute- Sean Long replaces Shaun Lunt, Eorl Crabtree replaces Luke Bailey, Lewis replaces Morrison

    65th minute- Jason Ryles replaces Richie Fa'oso

    Halves/hooker- utility goes in
    Forwards- bench forward goes on (backrow for backrow, prop for prop)
    Backs- Joel Thompson goes to centre Richard Whiting covers wing/fullback with bench forward coming on.

    Hope that all makes sense, I know it isn't perfect.
  3. Tartmaster AJ James

    So we just add these to our line ups now yeah?
  4. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Leave them for the first round of friendlies, cloughie just wants to give it a run first up.

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