Giro d'Italia

Discussion in 'Races' started by Skippos, May 21, 2014.

  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Froome goes top, 47 seconds ahead of Pozzovivo
  2. Magrat Garlick M Garlick

    Fun while it lasted, nabbed a top 10 GC at least
  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    Nibali will be happy, he goes 2nd 23 seconds down on Froome.
  4. Magrat Garlick M Garlick

    Never enough
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    Full results.
  6. Skippos SM Morgan


    Nibali: 1.25
    Froome: 4.20
    Rest: 61.00
  7. Skippos SM Morgan

  8. Weeman27bob BE Force


    Not enough there.

    Froome lost it on that horrendous day.
  9. Skippos SM Morgan

    Stage 21.
  10. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Can't complain at two podium places in the GC but it really should have been a win.
  11. Skippos SM Morgan

    Withdrawls throughout the Giro: Taborre, Dupont, Valls, Gretsch, Kritskiy, Vangenechten, Sieberg, Weening, Meersman, Intxausti, Millar
  12. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    Someone other than Betancur does something!
  13. Skippos SM Morgan

    If I can offer a consolation, I'm pretty sure Froome wasn't at full form or peak condition throughout the Giro whereas the rest were. I reckon we'll see him at either the Tour or the Vuelta as a definite favourite.
  14. Skippos SM Morgan

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  15. Skippos SM Morgan

  16. Skippos SM Morgan

  17. Skippos SM Morgan

  18. Skippos SM Morgan

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  19. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    But yeah disappointing tour for Citrosol, if only because it appears Betancur was the only rider involved in anything.
  20. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Ahh Froome wasn't that far off winning all three jerseys then.

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