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    LA Lakers (post kaman and Hill trades going through)

    PG: Blake, Farmar
    SG: Bryant, Meeks
    SF: Young, Johnson, Henry
    PF: Gasol, Diaw, Williams, Kelly
    C: Splitter, Sacre

    Blake (28)
    Bryant (34)
    Young (22)
    Gasol (34)
    Splitter (26)

    Farmar (20)
    Meeks (14)
    Johnson (14)
    Henry (12)
    Diaw (22)
    Kelly (8)
    Sacre (8)

    Scoring Options

    Extra Passes
    More Man
  4. Shagger PW Adams


    TEAM NAME: San Antonio Spurs

    PG: Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Cory Joseph, Nando De Colo
    SG: Manu Ginobili, OJ Mayo, Steve Nash, Marco Bellinelli
    SF: Kawhi Leonard, Marco Bellinelli, OJ Mayo
    PF: Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Jeff Ayres
    C: Chris Kaman, Tim Duncan, Aron Baynes

    PG: Tony Parker (34)
    SG: Manu Ginobili (28)
    SF: Kawhi Leonard (34)
    PF: Tim Duncan (36)
    C: Chris Kaman (36)

    6 OJ Mayo (22)
    7 Steve Nash (18)
    8 Marco Belinelli (10)
    9 Jeff Ayres (9)
    10 Aron Baynes (9)
    11 Nando De Colo (2)
    12 Corey Joseph (2)


    First Scoring Option: Tony Parker
    Second Scoring Option: Tim Duncan
    Third Scoring Option: Manu Ginobili

    Game Plan: Milk Clock, Extra Passes, Quick Shots, Run N Gun
    Defense: More Zone, More Man, Default
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  5. Benny BS Read

    TEAMNAME: Brooklyn Nets

    Post a depth Chart with 3 players in each position in order of preference, players can be put down in multiple positions just no at the first spot more then once

    PG: Deron Williams, Shaun Livingston, Tyshawn Taylor
    SG:, Joe Johnson, Jason Terry Shaun Livingston
    SF: Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Andrei Kirilenko
    PF: Kevin Garnett, Reggie Evans, Brook Lopez
    C: Brook Lopez, Andray Blatche, Kevin Garnett

    Post optimal lineup with minutes, 48 minute quarter. Only allowed to use 12 players

    PG: Deron Williams (40)
    SG: Joe Johnson (40)
    SF: Paul Pierce (30)
    PF: Kevin Garnett (30)
    C: Brook Lopez(40)

    6 Shaun Livingstone (10) 7. Tyshawn Taylor (5) 8 Andray Blatche(10) 9 Reggie Evans (10) 10Mirza Teletovic 11 Jason Terry (25) 12Tornike Shengalia

    First Scoring Option:Joe Johnson
    Second Scoring Option:Brook Lopez
    Third Scoring Option: Deron Williams

    Game Plan: Run N Gun Defense: Default
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