Finals Week 2: STR8 OUTTA SPRINGVALE v Peptides

Discussion in 'CPL AFL Matches' started by Skippos, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Lineups ASAP
  2. brettman135 BR Hall

    Seeking redemption!
  3. brettman135 BR Hall

    FB: 	Alex Johnson		Cale Hooker 		Jarryn Geary
    HB:	Heath Shaw	        [U]Luke McPharlin[/U]          Clinton Young
    C:	[U]David MacKay[/U]	        Jack Steven	        Mitch Duncan
    HF:	Matt DeBoer		Rhys Stanley      	Leigh Adams
    FF:	Stewart Crameri         Drew Petrie	        Lindsay Thomas
    R:	Matthew Leuenberger 	Matthew Boyd      	David Mundy
    I: 	Dom Tyson               [U]Ben Howlett[/U]             [U]Ben Hudson[/U]             
    S:      [U]Ben McGlynn[/U]  
    - DeBoer tag midfielders getting out of hand
    - Sub whoever you think best
    - McPharlin --> #1 Key Forward
    - Geary --> #1 Small Forward

    IN: McPharlin, Hudson

    OUT: Crozier, May

    Brad McKenzie
    Brett Goodes
    Jordan Lisle
    Jed Lamb
    Mason Wood
    Levi Casboult
    Lewis Stevenson
    Steven May

    Beau Waters (Season)
    Callum Sinclair (Season)
    Hayden Crozier (Season)
    Scott Pendlebury (1 weeks)
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  4. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    Going to be hard without Grima/Rutten.
  5. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    FB: Scotland, Young, Grimes
    HB: Wright, Hombsch, Hanley
    C: Stanton, Pearce, Priddis
    HF: Goddard, Kennedy, Monfries
    FF: White, Podsiadly, Betts
    R: Mumford, Cotchin, Treloar

    B: Liberatore, Broughton, Crowley
    Sub: Neade
  6. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    Lets sim dis.
  7. MatthewJay TA Miokovic

    Try playing without your first choice FF, CHF, CHB and ruck.
  8. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    I got White Power.
  9. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    Kennedy, White and Pods have been training the house down, lookout Brett!!!!
  10. Skippos SM Morgan

    This now.

    Paul's midfield has the wood but his defence just has no structure. Lots of rebounding smalls with no shutdowns and massive mismatches on the keys; Young on Petrie (and we saw how Patton treated Young irl) and Hombsch on Stanley (height) as well as Grimes on Crameri which is a real mismatch
  11. Skippos SM Morgan

    QT: Springvale up by 4 goals
  12. Skippos SM Morgan

    Quite simply Paul's defence is holding well even though Brett's forward line is getting minimal supply. Hudson looking like a waste of space when Stanley could have done the ruck relief. But the real trouble will come when Mumford needs a rest as there's nobody who can relieve him
  13. Skippos SM Morgan

    HT: Springvale up by 5 goals. Think a late surge may be coming though
  14. Skippos SM Morgan

    Pods has 4 at the half. Moving McPharlin onto him
  15. Skippos SM Morgan

    To put it in perspective

    201-122 possession count
    68-32 mark count

    and despite this 15-20 clanger count

    a clanger every 13 disposals v every 6. Ball use.

    to only be down by 5 goals despite half the marks and disposals is a miracle. Need to get that midfield going and break even and i reckon peptides will win
  16. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    GO SOS GO.
  17. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    If you didn't injure them <_<
  18. PaulFromOz PF Oz

    Knew I should of played Nicholls, thought Broughton could help out with the defence as Grima/Rutten is out.

    Was hoping for a shootout, So I played White, Pods, Kennedy, Neade, Betts and hoped they could just outgoal.
  19. Skippos SM Morgan

  20. Skippos SM Morgan

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