D2R3: Bearded Ninjas v Bogan Moths

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Match of the round

    check injuries
  2. Jackenny JG Enny

    FB:	D. Merrett		C. Garland		B. Reilly
    HB:	T. Mzungu		J. Gibson		G. Ibbotson
    C:	S. Blease		L. Hodge		D. Jackson	
    HF:	D. Martin		B. Brown		C. Wingard
    FF:	J. Winderlich		T. Hawkins		C. Dawes
    R: 	A. Sandilands		O. Wines		M. Stokes
    IC:	W. Langford		E. Wood			J. Ceglar		
    SUB:	R. Lester	
    B. Brown, S. Blease
    R. Stanley (Omit), S. Wellingham (Omit)

    Injury List:

    Game Tactics:
    Rotate Will Langford with midfield.
    Rotate Easton Wood with defence.
    Rotate Jon Ceglar with forward/ruck.

    Assuming the Bearded Ninjas use the same forward set-up as last round, ideally I want Brent Reilly to be manned up on Ben McGlynn, Colin Garland to be manned up on Jay Schulz, Daniel Merrett to be manned up on Tyson Goldsack, Tendai Mzungu to be manned up on Harry Cunningham, Josh Gibson to be manned up on Sam Day, and Garrick Ibbotson to be manned up on Levi Greenwood.

    Dan Jackson to tag Patrick Dangerfield, assuming he plays.

    Sub in Ryan Lester for Luke Hodge at start of 4th quarter, or earlier to replace anyone who is injured.

    Reserves List:

    Colin Sylvia - Nick Maxwell - Dale Morris - Billy Hartung - Rhys Stanley - Clancee Pearce - Sharrod Wellingham - Dean Terlich - Alex Woodward - Jake Neade - Matthew Buntine - Luke Lowden
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  3. hen da man HRT Daman

    Bearded Ninjas - Round 3: vs. Bogan Moths

    FB:	J. Laidler	D. Talia	J. Patfull
    HB:	M. Broadbent	E. Mackenzie	C. Guthrie
    C:	C. Jones	S. Burgoyne	P. Dangerfield
    HF:	H. Cunningham	S. Day		L. Greenwood
    FF:	T. Goldsack	J. Schulz	B. McGlynn
    R:	T. Goldstein	D. Hannebery	J. Ziebell
    INT:	M. Crouch (F)	S. Gray (M)	A. Silvagni (D)
    SUB:	D. Smith

    Injury List:
    M. Daw - 1 week
    N. Robertson - 1 week

    Special Instructions:
    Jones to tag Hodge and move on to any other mids getting out of hand. Wines after Hodge is subbed if Jones is still tagging Hodge.
    Talia to take Hawkins
    Mackenzie to take Dawes
    Patfull to take Brown
    Laidler to take Wingard
    Guthrie to take Martin
    Broadbent to take Winderlich
    Greenwood, Cunningham and Crouch to rotate through midfield
    Day as ruck relief
    Smith on for worst performing mid or small forward during 3rd quarter
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  4. MASTERS S Masters

    5k on the big T Bone !
  5. brettman135 BR Hall

    Carn Schulz!
  6. brettman135 BR Hall


    6 - Wingard
    4 - Hawkins
    3 - McGlynn
    3 - Jackson
    3 - Sandilands
    1 - Ibbotson
    1 - Hannebery
  7. brettman135 BR Hall

    Danger got raped.
  8. Jackenny JG Enny

    You're welcome, Masters.
  9. MASTERS S Masters

    no prob, he did it for me !!

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