D2R1: Berserkers v Bearded Ninjas

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    Bearded Ninjas Round 1: vs. Berserkers

    FB:	J. Laidler	D. Talia	J. Patfull
    HB:	M. Broadbent	E. Mackenzie	C. Guthrie
    C:	C. Jones	S. Burgoyne	P. Dangerfield
    HF:	H. Cunningham	S. Day		L. Greenwood
    FF:	T. Goldsack	J. Schulz	B. McGlynn
    R:	T. Goldstein	D. Hannebery	J. Ziebell
    INT:	M. Crouch (F)	L. Dunstan (M)	A. Silvagni (D)
    SUB:	D. Smith
    Special Instructions:

    Jones to tag Dal Santo and move on to any other mids getting out of hand
    Talia to take Waite
    Mackenzie to take Lynch
    Patfull to take Howe
    Laidler to take Green
    Guthrie to take Higgins
    Greenwood, Cunningham and Crouch to rotate through midfield
    Day as ruck relief
    Smith on for worst performing mid or small forward during 3rd quarter

    Majak Daw- 3 weeks
    Nick Robertson- 3 weeks
  3. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    B: M Johnson - Z Dawson - D Rampe
    HB: R Murphy - R Schoenmakers - T McKenzie
    C: L Montagna - K Jack - N Dal Santo
    HF: S Higgins - T Lynch - J Howe
    FF: J Green - J Waite - S Mayes
    R: M Leuenberger - J Lewis - D Shiel
    Int: F Ray (F) - J Adcock (B) - B Sewell (M)
    Sub: J Murdoch

    Ray/Sewell/Mayes/Higgins through the midfield
    Lewis vs Dangerfield
    Jack vs Hannebery
    Rampe to start on McGlynn, move to another smaller forward if they're getting out of hand
    If need of a change down back, Johnson to play loose with Adcock moving into the back.
    Waite/Lynch to have a crack in the ruck to rest the Berger
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    Div 2 MVP:

    6 - Dangerfield (Ninjas)
    4 - Hannebury (Ninjas)
    4 - Schulz (Ninjas)
    3 - Ziebell (Ninjas)
    2 - T McKenzie (Berserkers)
    1 - Lewis (Berserkers)
    1 - Talia (Ninjas)
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    another game another loss, $%@#


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