D1R4: Native Tongues v Accumulators

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Check injuries
  2. Skippos SM Morgan

    FB:	T. Jonas		R. Thompson		J. Johanissen
    HB:	D. Swallow		H. Grundy		S. Docherty
    C:	B. Ebert		D. Mundy		J. MacRae
    HF:	J. Billings		J. McGovern		L. Whitfield
    FF:	M. Hurley		J. Cameron		A. Sexton
    R:	T. Hickey		N. Fyfe			T. Rockliff		
    IC:	A. Miles (M)		J. Daniher (F)		R. Henderson (D)
    SUB: 	T. Adams
    EMG:	D. Sheed		C. Cameron		J. Clarke
    IN: T. Hickey, A. Miles, A. Sexton, J. Daniher
    OUT: N. Naitanui, J. Glenn, C. Cameron, D. Sheed
    J. Aish
    C. Cameron
    J. Clarke
    M. Gawn
    J. Glenn
    B. Lennon
    A. Morabito
    J. O'Rourke
    D. Sheed
    T. Sumner
    T. Lynch
    N. Naitanui
    - Daniher to ruck relief
    - Daniher to be subbed off unless carning.
    - Ebert to tag Beams if off chain
    - Throw McGovern/Hurley back if looking undersized.
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