D1R3: Machetes v Rat Pack

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Match of the round

    Check injuries
  2. morgieb MC Burridge


    B: Zach Tuohy - Darren Glass - Dustin Fletcher
    HB: Matt Suckling - Scott Thompson - Chris Yarran
    C: Luke Parker - Gary Ablett - Steve Johnson
    HF: Jarrad Grant - Matthew Pavlich - Brent Harvey
    F: Hayden Ballantyne - Nathan Vardy - Michael Close
    R: Will Minson - Andrew Carrazzo - Michael Rischitelli
    INT: Martin Gleeson - George Horlin-Smith - Matt Shaw - Nathan Wright (sub)

    Interchange Rotations

    Shaw (def)
    Horlin-Smith (fwd)
    Gleeson (mid)


    Thompson --> Tippett
    Fletcher ---> Henderson
    Glass ---> Griffiths
    Carrazzo ---> Hartlett (accountable)


    Sub Wright for worst-performing player at 3QT.
    If possible when Gleeson comes on, push him down back, Harvey to the midfield and Yarran to the forward line.
    If possible when Horlin-Smith comes on push Parker or Johnson to the forward line.
    Also try to give Parker and Johnson stints in the forward line if slightly fatigued.
    If one of Theo's midfielders start to dominate then make Carrazzo hard tag him.
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  6. Skippos SM Morgan

    6 - Swan (Rat Pack)
    6 - Pavlich (Machetes)
    3 - Ablett (Machetes)
    3 - Henderson (Rat Pack)
    2 - Young (Rat Pack)
    1 - Johnson (Machetes)
  7. morgieb MC Burridge


    Nice comeback after that shocker of a first quarter.

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