D1R3: Accumulators v Overachievers

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Check injuries
  2. Skippos SM Morgan

    FB:	T. Jonas		R. Thompson		J. Johanissen
    HB:	D. Swallow		H. Grundy		J. Glenn
    C:	B. Ebert		D. Mundy		J. MacRae
    HF:	J. Billings		J. McGovern		L. Whitfield
    FF:	M. Hurley		J. Cameron		C. Cameron
    R:	N. Naitanui		N. Fyfe			T. Rockliff		
    IC:	T. Adams (M)		S. Docherty (D)		R. Henderson (F)
    SUB: 	D. Sheed
    EMG:	T. Sumner		J. Aish			J. Daniher
    IN: M. Hurley, T. Adams, J. Glenn
    OUT: T. Lynch, A. Miles, T. Sumner
    J. Aish
    J. Clarke
    J. Daniher
    M. Gawn
    T. Hickey
    B. Lennon
    A. Morabito
    J. O'Rourke
    A. Sexton
    T. Sumner
    T. Lynch
    A. Miles
    Tactics: (to be edited later)

    Thompson -> Bellchambers (Very Tight)
    Grundy -> Walker (Very Tight)
    Jonas -> Motlop (Very Tight)
    Henderson -> Ambrose (Tight)
    Johanissen -> Menzel (Very Tight)
    Swallow -> Merrett (Loose)
    Ebert to tag Ellis, Jetta or Polec if they're getting a bit loose
    Rockliff to tag Watson if he's off the chain
    Whitfield to forward tag Birchall
    Sub Sheed in for worst key if it's clear we're too tall, if not bring him on for a shit cunt. Pull the trigger early/mid third qtr.
    Thompson to chop out in ruck, Hurley to move back.
    Fyfe and Rockliff to each spend a quarter forward, Whitfield into the middle.
    Be very liberal with Thompson/Grundy/Hurley/McGovern. All can play back/fwd so if one of the backs are being pasted move a fwd there and if the fwds are struggling move a back there.
    If too small in defence switch Hurley with Glenn
    If Swallow not creating enough off half back and Mundy not dominating switch them
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  3. Dirk Diggler DM Diggler

    FB: B. Stratton - J. Carlisle - D. Grimes
    HB: B. Martin - B. Reid - G. Birchall
    C: L. Jetta - J. Watson - J. Polec
    HF: Z. Merrett - T. Walker - S. Motlop
    F: T. Menzel - T. Bellchambers - P. Ambrose
    R: Z. Clarke - J. O'Meara - B. Ellis
    I: R. Conca - T. Hunt - C. Beams
    S: D. Buckley

    Tactics -

    Beams --> FWD
    Hunt --> DEF
    Conca --> MID

    Carlise/J. Cameron
    Stratton/C. Cameron

    - Swing Carlisle forward if forward line is struggling. (Reid/J. Cameron, Grimes/Hurley, Stratton/McGovern)
    - If Carlisle goes forward, take whoever is performing the worst of Bellchambers, Clarke or Ambrose to the bench and give Beams more minutes.
    - Bellchambers to play mostly forward unless Clarke is getting monstered in the ruck which means Clarke goes to FF.
    - Sub off worst performing of Bellchambers or Clarke the end of the 3rd quarter. Run a smaller forward line. Move Walker to FF and Ambrose up to CHF.
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    7 - Fyfe (Accums)
    5 - O'Meara (Overs)
    3 - Naitanui (Accums)
    3 - Birchall (Overs)
    2 - Cameron (Accums)
    1 - Grimes (Overs)

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