D1R2: Native Tongues v Rat Pack

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    check injuries xo
  2. Mousey AJ Son

    Native Tongues
    Round 2

    FB: Sean Dempster - James Frawley - Jared Rivers
    HB: Rhyce Shaw - Harry Taylor - Steven Morris
    C: Danyle Pearce - Dion Prestia - Jonathan Simpkin
    HF: Cyril Rioli - Matthew Kreuzer - Jimmy Bartel
    FF: Jake Stringer - Jack Gunston - Michael Walters
    R: Mike Pyke - Dayne Beams - Liam Picken
    INT: Kade Kolodjashnij - Josh Kelly - Gary Rohan
    SUB: Taylor Duryea

    Emer: Sean Lemmens, Jesse White, Cam O'Shea

    Out: Chris Judd (injury, 3 weeks)
    In: Taylor Duryea

    James Frawley -> Kurt Tippett (tight)
    Harry Taylor -> Michael Hurley
    Jared Rivers -> third tall/mid sized forward
    Sean Dempster -> Dayne Zorko (tight)
    Rhys Shaw a touch more loose
    Liam Picken -> Dane Swan (tight tag)
    Cyril Rioli or Jimmy Bartel into the midfield if struggling, Liam Picken to the bench
    Def interchange: Kade Kolodjashnij
    Mid interchange: Josh Kelly
    Fwd interchange: Gary Rohan
    Sub out worst performing small back or mid - play Duryea where the gap is
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  7. Skippos SM Morgan

    6 - Bartel (Tongues)
    3 - Pyke (Tongues)
    3 - Kornes (Rat Pack)
    3 - Palmer (Rat Pack)
    3 - Prestia (Tongues)
    2 - Young (Rat Pack)
    1 - Pearce (Tongues)
  8. Mousey AJ Son

    Awesome all round team performance. Pretty even contest though. Worries me.

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