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  1. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Self explanatory really. Please don't post in here unless both teams are under agreement. Picks may also be traded during the drafting process. However you must ensure that you have 30 players/ 30 picks (or the equivalent of 30 from both) at all times. This means you can trade a pick for a pick. A player for a pick or a player and a pick for either 2 players, 2 picks or 1 player and 1 pick and so on. You cannot for example trade 2 picks for just 1 player.

    You may trade as many players/ picks prior to the season as you want (so long as you always have 30 players or the equivalent of 30 players in picks)

    Once the season starts there will be limitations as to what trades may be done.

    Trade details:

    Your team:
    Other team:

    Trade details:

    (e.g X for Y)
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