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  1. Droos JP Rhodes

    CPL Rugby Union Draft - Pick of the round: Round 1 (By me):

    The rules and the challenge was laid down by draft manager Rego and the hype was building towards the first round of picks. As logic would dictate, although some participants seem to lack the talent of logic or just don't know jack shit about union, the big names in rugby union started appearing as the list for the first round of picks started to fill. Arheiner broke the ice with all participants following until the final pick of the round was made by Samuel Vimes.

    Looking at the list of picks from Round 1 in retrospect, one can safely say that none of the big guns were left untouched and you could not have asked for a better start to what was already looking to be a tough draft. Going through the list, names like Will Genia, Richie McCaw, Kieran Read and Brian O'Driscoll immediately catch your eye as players who are or have previously been identified with tags like "the best there is or have been" in their respective positions.

    But, alas, there was one name on the list that towered out above them all. A 31 year old legend of the game, the current incumbent All Black flyhalf and probably the best the world has ever seen due to his tallies of over a thousand points in both Super - and International Rugby. Yes, it was the ever green Daniel Carter.

    Picked by Arheiner as the very first pick of the draft, he gets our pick of the round for Round 1. (Lucky cunt)
  2. Rego RS Hutchinson

    NZ Dominant in Draft

    After just over 7 rounds, there have been a total of 104 players picked. Out of those 104 players which have been drafted across 14 teams, 30 of those players are New Zealanders. This shows that NZ's national team is showing huge promise. Coaches of national teams will be assigned later on in the season but by the looks of it whoever gets given the NZ coaching duties not only has a good batch of players to choose from but a mission ahead to cut players down to form a squad.

    The amount of players from each nation so far:

    New Zealand: 30
    Australia 16
    South Africa: 16
    Ireland: 9
    England: 9
    Wales: 9
    France: 8
    Argentina: 3
    Italy: 2
    Fiji: 1
    Scotland: 1

    From this it's clear the Southern Hemisphere has been largely favoured so far. Will it be evident when Northern Hemisphere teams clash with their Southern neighbours? Time will tell.
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  3. Droos JP Rhodes

    CPL Rugby Union Draft - Pick of the round: Round 2 (By me):

    With some big guns being taken out of the running in the first round by managers favored by the luck of the draw, round 2 gave an opportunity for some quick catch-up by the pack.

    Round 1 has seen the evolution of a clear pattern of favoritism for Flyhalfves, which has so far been unambiguously established as the one key position where a "good" player is required seeing as 7 flyhalves were picked plus a further 1 player who is deemed a "goalkicker". Another trend was established very early in that New Zealand players seemed to be the nationality of choice, obviously for good reason seeing as they are widely deemed to be strongest rugby nation since the start of the professional era.

    Round 2 supplied a mixed bag of picks with a more even spread among forwards and backs and also a wider spread of nationalities coming to the fore.

    This time round, loose forwards were the order of the day as we saw five of them being picked up in the draft, followed by centres, 3 of which were picked. 9 of the 14 picks were still back line players though, so it was clear at this point that the early preferences were for back line players adding the 9 of Round 2 to the 12 of Round 1.

    As in Round 1, one would have expected some big names to appear since it was still early days in the draft and players like Sonny Bill Williams, Kurtley Beale, David Pocock and Bryan Habana immediately caught the eye.

    However, as with the case in Round 1, there was one name that stood out above the rest like a pillar. A magician on attack, a miracle worker in space and a merchant of speed with 60 Super Rugby and 25 International Caps to his name. Yes, you guessed it, it is the amazing Izzy Dagg (or Israel Jamahl Akuhata Dagg as his mother calls him), picked by Eddie 3rd up in the round.

    By popular demand, I will also contemplate a worst pick of the week, although it is not as simple as it sounds with many factors having to be considered.

    The biggest factor that I have and probably will take into consideration for this award each week is that of "perceived greatness" or the "WOW-factor" of the player and to me there was one player in this round that didn't make me say: "Yes, good player".

    That player for Round 2 is the 24 year old current French no.9, Morgan Parra, who was picked by Weeman, 2nd last in the draft.

    Look out for the recap of Round 3 coming to a computer near you soon.
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