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  1. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Ok so now that I have RC2 and I've discovered that in the competition mode (and career mode) there's a large number of indepth player stats from games for each player and team stats (as well as all general ones for each game which can be viewed) it's only logical to use competition mode for CPL. RC1 only showed limited player stats (tries etc.) and no team stats after you had finished a game - meaning if you instantly simmed a game you would only know the score. Which meant you'd have to watch the simmed game just to view the game stats (possession etc.). This of course means I can instantly sim each game and thus saving about 2 hours of my life per a round.

    The downside of this (using comp mode) however is there's going to have to be 2 pools/ divisions of 7 teams as a user can only control 8 teams per comp which I need to be able to do to change squads from round to round. So to get around this I just have to have 2 save files (1 for each pool)

    So the question is, how do you want this to be done. Do you want 2 even pools I.e best rated team in pool 1, 2nd in pool 2, 3rd in pool 1 and so on or do you want it to be randomized or finally do you want it to be divisions. Top 7 teams in Div 1, bottom 7 in Div 2?

    Personally I like the idea of divisions as there could be promotion/ relegating matches at the end of seasons.

    Next thing, player progression. Since we're using comp mode any changes made to players' skills through the player editor won't change the player skills on the comp save until you started a new competition save/ season. So the option here is we don't have player progression at all or we do but the changes don't take affect until the next season.

    This brings me to my last question, how many games per a season? Either play each other once in your Div/ pool (6 round robin games + finals) or play each other twice (12 round robin games + finals). Now obviously if we choose 12 rounds and choose to do player progression it just means the progression of players will just be twice as much than a 6 round season but the progression "update"/ new season would just be a longer time coming.

    A pretty small price to pay when I can get through everything a lot quicker by instantly simming and we also end up having in-depth player stats for each game.

    Personally I'm thinking Divisions, 6 rounds, player progression on.
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  2. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Promotion/relegation type divisons sounds pretty good. Based on team rankings the game gives presumably?

    Happy ether way about progression and number of games though.
  3. Skippos SM Morgan

    Player progression but wait till the EOS to apply it. Do it manually too replicating RL changes instead of projected shit from now.
  4. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Bit difficult to judge isn't it?

    Would require watching an awful lot of club rugby to have any idea.
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    I'm sure there's some sad cunt who'll do a roster update.

    + you kind of know who the better players in the world/bolters/sliders are. A bit like soccer, really.
  6. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Yeah that's another question - how player progression is done.

    The options I've thought are team/ player training sessions each week (which you guys would post) Then by the end of the season/ for the new season you'd see the progression (letter rating system) like 2k does in association at the end of the season to show you the whole season's progress.

    Or I base it off the player's stats from the season and formularize it from that.

    Didn't think of real life progression so that's another option - depends how fast/ slow this goes for this option - it'd have to be a longer season for sure.
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  7. Droos JP Rhodes

  8. Arheiner SIA Yates

  9. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Confirmed format details:

    There'll be a rating database for all teams (players). This won't feature overall ratings (overall rating system is silly as forwards especially front rowers look weak in comparison to backs which isn't true). The actual rating of skills won't be displayed instead letters will be. (A+, A and so on). I feel this is better as it makes selections a little bit harder - life like but in the grand scheme of things is more basic for people who just want to chuck up a line up in 5 minutes.

    There will be two divisions. 1st Div and 2nd Div. The actual division teams are TBA but will be decided by overall team rating. (top 7 in 1st, bottom 7 in 2nd). 7th place in the 1st division at the end of the season will auto relegate to div 2 and the winner of the div 2 final will auto promote. 6th place in Div 1 will play in a relegation/ promotion match against the runner up of the Div 2 final. If Div 2's runner up wins they promote and 6th is relegated to Div 2.

    As you already know there will be international matches. Any player playing for a team in either Division 1 or 2 will be eligible for their respective national team. I've come up with a relatively basic formula which gives manager's ratings which changes as the games are won/ lost. It's weighted so if say your team is rated a lot better than another team and you're higher up in the points table then for a win you'll get slightly less points added to your rating compared to a lower team beating the higher rated team. It also takes into account your position on the table week by week and what division you're in. So obviously it'd be very unlikely for a division 2 team coming last to be offered the NZ job unless of course everyone else declined it.

    Note: I won't be disclosing anybody's manager rating.

    How National Job Offers actually work:

    You're offered jobs based on your manager rating and to an extent where you and your team is based. The IRB rankings are used to weight national teams. The job offer week/ couple of days will work by all competing national teams sending their first offer to a manager. Some managers may get more than one national team asking for their services some may get none on the first offer. Now this doesn't mean the manager with the top rated manager rating will get all the offers as lower weighted national teams are more likely not going to bother to ask someone of a high calibre at the first offer unless of course you or your team is based in their country in which case they may give you an offer but that really depends. Also some higher teams may still be encouraged to go for someone based in their country even if you're only for example the 4th "best" manager. You as the manager will accept/ decline offers (you can decline all if you like but can only accept one). Then there is the second offer where the teams who's second offer didn't get accepted get sent out to another manager. This happens until all national teams offering have a manager (in some cases this may be an AI manager aka me if nobody takes their offer up)

    Pre Season

    There will be a pre season of 2 games where you can test your lineup out. Individual player stats won't be given in these (just team stats)

    You can trade as many players as you like throughout the season (so long as you always have 26 players) however these trades don't come into effect until the next season. So it's planning for the future.


    Undecided so far but not an issue until the start of season 2 so I'll confirm this nearer to then.

    I think that's all. If you have any questions please ask.

    Just waiting for Jabba to pick a shitload of players and a couple of people to fill out the team submission form and then the pre season can begin.
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  10. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Note edit made to promotion/ relegation rules: - I feel this makes it more competitive for bottom placed div 1 teams to get to at least 6th where they have a chance to stay in div 1, and more competitive for Div 2ers to win the final so they can auto promote.

    "7th place in the 1st division at the end of the season will auto relegate to div 2 and the winner of the div 2 final will auto promote. 6th place in Div 1 will play in a relegation/ promotion match against the runner up of the Div 2 final. If Div 2's runner up wins they promote and 6th is relegated to Div 2."

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