ALC Round 4 - Kings v Fangs (completed)

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Cribbage, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. JPA8 JP Anraad

    Come on Kings time to restore some pride!
  2. Klonam AB Gloury

    Come on Kings! We can do this.
  3. Das09 S Das

    Fangs got this.
  4. Cribbage RG Cribb

  5. MightyPies DA Alessi

    Great start!
  6. MightyPies DA Alessi

    Kozole with 3 early in his return!
  7. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Fangs 90/6

    Worst underachieving top order.
  8. MightyPies DA Alessi

  9. Skippos SM Morgan

    you are fucking kidding.


    fucking awful
  10. MrPrez CM Dyer


    Come back but still wtf?!?
  11. Skippos SM Morgan

    Ardley & Asterix wags
  12. MrPrez CM Dyer


    Come back but still wtf?!?
  13. MrPrez CM Dyer

    Of all the people to get runs for the fangs, ardley :p
  14. Mike ML Martyn

  15. MightyPies DA Alessi

    I'm bowling beautifully
  16. Coldplay SD Tuladhar

    Disastrous start but a good comeback.
  17. Skippos SM Morgan

    plz dont choke modcat
  18. Skippos SM Morgan

  19. Mike ML Martyn

    What a century. Saved that innings for us.
  20. Skippos SM Morgan

    It's six! It's four
    He's capable of more
    Mod cat tooooooom Mod cat tooooom

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