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    1. Hybrid
      And that's pretty much the ethnographical and etymological history of Bosnia in about 2 minutes.

      Deadset that's the truth and not many people read up on it which is why it frustrates me hard when people from Banja Luka, Prijedor or Bijeljina call themselves Serb!
    2. Hybrid
      The Bosnian Catholics looked towards their Catholic brothers the Austrians and Croats for support, while the Bosnian Orthodox looked towards their Orthodox brothers in Serbia and Russia for support.

      Eventually after a long period of time the Catholics were looking so much to Croatia that they actually started calling themselves "Bosnian Croats". The same happened to the Bosnian Orthodox people with Serbia, so much so that they began to call themselves "Bosnian Serbs".

      Meanwhile the Muslims were left in the middle simply as "Bosnian Muslims" halfway between religion and ethnic group... and this would prove troublesome when the Turks left Bosnia because by then Bosnia was divided with both the "Croats" and the "Serbs" wanting to join up with their respective neighbours and the Muslims stuck in the middle with nobody to look towards (the Turks were back in Asia by this time and they aren't even Slavic like us)
    3. Hybrid
      Nah I know how it is. I've read at least 25 historical books on Bosnia's ethnography, history and culture. Don't take it as an insult but this is actually what happened in history:

      Bosnia originally had two religions: Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Bogumilism (a form of Paganism).

      When the Turkish Ottoman Empire conquered Bosnia in 1463, the Bogumils slowly started converting to Islam for two reasons:
      1) Bogumilism was extremely similar to Islam in a number of different ways.
      2) Muslims had less taxes to pay then Christians under the Ottoman Empire.

      So it was essentially win-win for them and pretty much all converted, so Bosnia at this point was made up of Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox.

      But after 200-300 years of Turkish occupation, the Catholics and Orthodox started getting restless and didn't want to pay extra taxes and didn't want Muslims ruling them.
    4. Hybrid
      We can find common ground there, but what I don't personally rate is people born in Bosnia calling themselves pure "Serb" or "Serbian". That, to me, doesn't make any sense because if he was born in Banja Luka then he is a Bosnian, regardless of what his religion is. It is for this reason that Bosnia & Herzegovina is now a destabilised and corrupted nation in poverty with inter-ethnic fighting.

      Regarding Albania ... \_/. I have my views and you have yours. Let's leave it at that.
    5. Hybrid
      Yes I am Muslim (is it no surprise? 50% of Bosnia is Muslim and it is the Muslims which the Serbs attempted to exterminate in Bosnia).

      While I'll admit there are some decent Serbs out there, I have trouble trusting any Serb and will often starting hate against them.

      Call me racist or prejudice, but it's in my nature now because of what happened between 1992 and 1995. I had family members die during the war to protect Bosnia & Herzegovina from Serbian aggression. I had relatives die in the systematic killings that happened in villages.

      I don't know how much you know about it because you're only 13, but it happened and it's pretty much affected millions of Bosnians. You can't really empathise with me because you wouldn't know much about what happened and you're a Serb yourself so your parents probably taught you to hate all Muslims.
    6. Hybrid
      LOL fake Bosnian Serb? I'm not Serb mate.

      There are no Serbs in Bosnia (there are no Croats either). There are Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Catholics and Bosnian Orthodox.

      If you are in fact really from Bosnia and you consider yourself a Serbian well you are one confused little boy. It's nationalistic, racist people like you that ruin that beautiful country.

      I don't know what you're on about when you talk about retards and ugly people. That is completely and utterly irrelevant when I put forward the truth to you. That is, the truth that Serbian paramilitary forces between 1992-1995 massacred over 250,000 men and boys and raped over 45,000 women. Is this something you are proud of?
    7. Hybrid
      Lol @ you denying the genocide the Serb dogs committed. The UN and ICJ has proved it and there are the bodies and massgraves of those who were massacred.

      I bet you have posters of Mladic, Karadzic and Milosevic on your wall, you ****ing pathetic kid. You have no idea about the history of your country and what your country has done to innocent civilians on the basis of racial hatred, discrimination and religious intolerance.

      Serbian culture is only discrimination and death. Serbs only exist to kill other people and this is has been proven. Go suck off Aleksandar Vucic IMO.. wait only do it after Milorad Dodik has paid you for licking his balls.

      Serbian pride = Genocide.

      If I was a Serb, I would ****ing kill myself if I knew the extent of my "nations" disgusting and vomit-worthy culture and history.

      Serbs have nothing to be proud of. The Serbs are the greatest fighters when they fight against women and children... ****ing scum.
    8. Alec
      I'll dominate you like the Broncos would have dominated the Tiggers if it wasn't wet and the ref wasn't on the Tiggers side. :ph34r:
    9. Alec
      What side of the field though? To mark up against me you'd have to be #3. :p
    10. Alec
      Centre. Why?
    11. Alec
      Your team is the one that will need it. <.<
    12. Farhat
      Lukic to join Cyclones FC.
    13. Fungus
      Run werewolf.
    14. Lukic
      *steals virginity*
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