S6, R2: Nippers vs. Punters

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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Lloyd Townsend
    Ryu Yamadera
    Magrat Garlick
    Oscar Wood
    Hal Teja
    Mike Martyn
    Roger Mellie
    Zinzan Brumby
    Bill Kirk
    Uve Locity
    Koal Kao
    Nic Pothas
    Sam Somerset
    Ross Taylor
    Sticky Phlegm


    Please Reframe
    Duckworth Lewis
    JT Masterson
    Tom Clough
    Tipple Nickler
    Alex O'Driscoll
    Paul Oz
    Jimmy Read
    Luke Popovic
    Ben Taylor
    Truman Lee
    Mike Chook
    Jack Enny
    Theo Miokovic
    Rabbit Boy

    Nippers: $1.45
    Punters: $2.40

    Player to Watch: It wasn't a great first round of the season for the much fancied Crabs franchise. The star of their first set of fixtures was Magrat Garlick, who should have a fun time bossing the Punters' front row.
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  2. morgieb MC Burridge

    Hopefully we can pick up on what the Sharks did last time to cause the double upset. Not confident though.

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