S6, R2: Crabs vs. Gamblers

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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Os du Toit
    Okoudou Gbagbo
    Herr Burger
    Bruce Force
    Double Dong
    Pretzel Spark
    Jake Howe
    Geraint Martyn
    Cobra Classified
    Ivan Ryabovol
    Daniel Speirs
    John Heads
    Chuck Faldo
    Dan Wayne
    Ginger Furball

    Magrat Garlick
    Hal Teja
    Zinzan Brumby
    Mike Martyn
    Bill Kirk
    Ross Taylor
    Sticky Phlegm


    Benny Read
    Aaron O'Neill
    Wes Welker
    Jack Dempsey
    Senor Slippy
    Brett Hall
    Simon Humble
    Brett Gemmell
    Mate Perry
    Dion Alessi
    Ben Herd
    Jaz Eightyfour
    Luke Tyson
    Damien Taylor
    Ether Starris

    Duckworth Lewis
    Alex O'Driscoll
    Luke Popovic
    Ben Taylor
    Truman Lee
    Theo Miokovic
    Tom Clough

    Crabs: $1.30
    Gamblers: $3.20

    Player to Watch: Well, by the odds - this should be a blowout, but both teams defied the odds in quite different ways in round 1. Since then, the Crabs have lost JD Hurricane but have excellent replacements in Pretzel Spark or Zinzan Brumby, so no major impact there. The Gamblers have lost Morgan Burridge, which is more of a concern, though his replacement Jack Dempsey had a storming game from the bench last time out. Look out for Ben Herd who was a standout for the Gamblers. Great to see a return to form for the mercurial winger. Aaron O'Neill is also a great all-round hooker and whilst he may lose some dynamism and power to Okoudou Gbagbo, should be more reliable at the line-out. Key battle may be whether the Gamblers can contain the attacking verve of Ginger Furball. Keep him quiet and they have a small, very small, chance of a famous away win.
  2. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

  3. Humble SA Humble

    I'm coming back into form here and will path a way of destruction.

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