S6, R2: Cnuts vs. Squids

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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Kovana Solosolo
    Soft Steel
    Kevin Ham
    Quentin Goldenhaus
    Bobby Baker
    Antone Sciappapetre
    Bill Morganpola
    Fourie van der Westhuizen
    Dan Larkinson
    Girve Swervington
    Darren Cave
    Bobrad Smith
    Alex Mediocre
    Cunning Stunt


    Ishan Narang
    Soumyanil Das
    Alan Parker
    Ryan Gee
    Speedy Thexton
    Cameron Chapnis
    Reece Fisher
    Bibu Immanuel
    Zohaib Ikram
    Zach Poole
    Chris Devonshire
    Jake Taylor
    Paul Adams
    Ashleigh Stroud
    Bob Borisc

    Cnuts: $1.60
    Squids: $2.00

    Player to Watch: Fourie van der Westhuizen. Had a decent first XV debut in round 1 for the Immortals. Was good, but not spectacular first time out for the Cnuts. Can he build on this early form?
  2. All about the dazzler

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