Mass Effect Mafia: Game Thread

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  1. Tartmaster AJ James

    We can read the write up.
    You killed twice.
    You didn't convert because otherwise you would have won.
  2. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Day Ten

    The recent turmoil meant the Citadel was largely deserted as the day-cycle began. More deaths, more people to eject into space - but Shepard was back. She wasn't feeling top of the world, but she was alive. The last thing that she could remember was Joker making the call to brace for impact, but she woke up in the infirmary of the Normandy with the Illusive Man speaking from the monitor beside her. He had brought her back to finish the job. The Collector threat was nearly gone, but the Collector General was still loose. The Illusive Man had tracked him down though - and that was why Shepard had been revived.

    A sealed section of The Citadel, not present on any of the recent blueprints. Shepard pried off the console panel and entered the chamber. The Collector General was cowering in there, and without the protection of his Collector thralls. Shepard dispatched the beast with ease.

    Rikkomas is dead. He was the Collector General.

    The Citadel Presidium had been left weak. The Salarians were busy fighting the Krogans who blamed them for the original Genophage, the Asaris has been undermined by the murders committed by Matriarch Benezia and without the strength of the other two corners of the triumvirate had left the Turians susceptible. This was all the opportunity the Illusive Man needed. He still had plenty of operatives, and despite Shepard's best efforts, he had managed to salvage some Collector-tech from the ruins beyond the Omega 4 Relay. It wasn't hard for the Illusive Man's forces to take The Citadel, the hub of Galactic commerce. Omega soon fell under his power, thanks to the vacuum left by the death of Aria T'Loak. The various merc factions had lost cohesion and fought amongst themselves. The Illusive Man was able to take the opportunity presented to him to annexe the commercial hub.

    The Citadel and Omega. The galaxy rotated around the commerce generated by those systems. Of course, to start with the Illusive Man was relatively benign. Okay, the tariffs on alien species were higher than those on humans, but different species were still able to trade. From his hub on the Citadel though, the Illusive Man was pulling the strings. A quiet word here, a small act of sabotage there and let them take each other out. The Volus declared war on the Turians. The Volus were no match, but the humans entered the war to maintain "galactic peace". Captured Turians were slaughtered by the millions. The Asari were about to enter the war when an unprecedented tide of disease swept their colonies. A rogue AI plagued the Salarian scientific community and bit by bit the Humans gained power at the expense of the other species. Power corrupts. There was no peaceful future for the Galaxy with the Illusive Man in charge.

    Cerberus has won total victory

    But deep in the bowels of the Citadel, a deep booming voice stated to itself, out of the range of any living ears. ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.

    Deep Space. The Reapers slowly and inexhorably continued to advance towards the Galactic Core, but that as they say, is a different story.

    Thanks for playing!
  3. Notsure SM Green

    Good game guys. Blunder played bloody well.
  4. Escath LE Schaw

    Blunder played both sides very well :laugh:
  5. Arheiner SIA Yates

    GG, lots of shit went a bit wrong but still close, pity town had lost like 3 days ago. Tart trying to convert KATA the night he died was a bit ow.
  6. Tartmaster AJ James

    Yeah GG Blunder & co.

    Brilliantly played.

    I thought that might happen, but you got the game into a position where town needed you to survive, so couldn't get rid of you.
    Gun game all round.
  7. KickATinAlong IA Ryabovol

    Excellent game thanks HeathDavisSpeed, and very well played [MENTION=90]BoyBlunder[/MENTION]
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2015
  8. Mousey AJ Son

    Yeah, well played Blunder. Thought you could be in trouble after laying it on a bit thick but numbers in your favour to backup some good talking got you the win.
  9. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

  10. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    General Comments

    The day that a granny-style role is a shit role to play is a sad day.
    Locations were used better than in the JPM game, but a number of Townies died because they didn't move and mafia were able to build up information on them which made them easier to hunt down
    I think there a number of very naive plays that wouldn't have happened in the heyday of CricSim mafia (e.g. telegraphing who Tali'zorah was giving items to make the sabotage move really easy for mafia to play)
    In the early game, people who participated were bumped off - this hasn't been seen in a while really - Zorax in particular was dominating the thread despite having no real info and stuck his head above the parapet.
    Escath is one lucky bugger. Hit Commander Shepard n0 which immediately upgraded his skills, otherwise he'd have been a liability for days.
  11. Harps ZAF MacDonald

    Blunder wag.

    Thanks for carrying me mate. ;) Rikko well played, can't believe we let you get away with that slip up!
  12. Howe JHF Howe

    Brilliant game, almost made me want to play Mass Effect, if only Bioware could write a good hack n' slash
  13. Tartmaster AJ James

    I started it the other day. :p

    i saw Veri playing too.
  14. Escath LE Schaw

    Me picking out Tart was pure skill
  15. morgieb MC Burridge

    Good game all. ATG performance from Blunder IMO.
  16. Athlai JJD Heads

    Blunder is the best in the business.
  17. Himannv LV Himann

    Good game. I thought it'd be hard to pull off a game of this size considering inactivity etc, but this was well managed despite being fairly complex.
  18. Athlai JJD Heads

    Id say in my defence I had no idea if moving around would be beneficial or not. Though I definitely didn't even consider the possibility of sabotage.
  19. AVA T Delonge

    Tbf to town in this, Blunder couldn't die as long as Harps was around which let him play pretty ballsy.
  20. Cevno IV Narang

    What were the conditions to convert Blunder ?

    Rikko in his last orders should have given another go maybe?

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